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Law Digests Online!


Our Digests bring together the relevant laws of multiple jurisdictions into organized, standardized, easy-to-use resources.  Each Digest addresses a different legal area or product and covers relevant statutes and regulations (and in some cases attorney general opinions and case law decisions).  Pinpoint citations are provided for ease of reference.  The Digests seek to present a consistent approach to statutory construction and legal interpretation across multiple jurisdictions.  The standardized formats facilitate rapid location of answers to particular questions, even under different statutory schemes.  See the Preface of each Digest for further details regarding scope and contents.

Digest Updates

We update Digests throughout the year.  In addition, each year we do a complete citation check to ensure that all changes are captured.  Updates are posted online as they become available.  The "What's New" section of each Digest alerts subscribers to notable changes.


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